Our Process

Media Post, we do not just only distribute, we take care all the logistic process as we understand that outsourcing allows your company to focus on growing your business, developing your creativity, and focusing on what you do best. 
Our experienced operation team listens to your requests and requirements to develop an effective, mutually beneficial direct  marketing  mailing campaign - a campaign built for success. 
Let us show you how we do it!







Printing or Pick-up items printed by printing house or client’s warehouse

Transportation & Checking the transportation to the relative post units

Sorting, assembling, sealing, and folding advertising iteams

Postmen and/or Media Post team distribute mails to addressed or unaddressed receivers

Quality control done by MP supervisor to check the distribution and make sure that items are well delivered to receivers 

Sending overall assessment report to clients 

Debriefing & measures to fix problems if any for next campaigns