You want to prospect and find new customers but you have avery specific target? You want to keep your current customers running an efficient loyalty marketing plan?

Media Mail Pro is all you need to send personalized mails to the right person: advertising, business mails, samples…

- Media Mail Pro is an addressed mail delivery service done with specific name and address.
- The distribution is done according to the database or our client and/or a targeted database of contacts provided by Media Post.
- The delivery price is based on the national fare applied by Vietnam Post.
- We make a quality control and checking of the distribution made by postmen.
Our strengths:
Nationwide distribution capacity with the national network of Viet Nam Post (postmen), we are able to deliver your message in the 63 provinces of Vietnam at the same time.
We provide a professional customer care and we deal with all the different post offices where the distribution has been done. Therefore you will have only one interlocutor under the name of Media Post. 
We collect back all the undelivered mail after the campaign, analyze, summarize and report in to our clients. With this information we will be able to update and improve the quality of your database (database cleansing) to get the best Return OInvestment campaign after campaign.
We propose different levels of quality and prices to fit with your needs and budget: normal mails, registered mails, proof of delivery, express… 

What does MediaMail Pro include? Please find out below:

Database services
- Either you want to use your own database, you have the guarantee of a strict confidentiality using our services and we will assist you to update and increase the quality of those essential information for your business.
Either we can provide you a list of new contacts with high-quality database of targeted potential customers: office workers, car owners, directors, post-paid subscribers, young moms...
Either you can combine your own list with a new list provided by Media Post!

Direct mail processing
As a specialist on the logistic part of the campaign, Media Post can also manage the processing for high volumes of documents before the delivery: labeling and address printing, folding, assembling multi-items (ex: a flyer inside a letter), inserting and sealing in an envelope or a plastic blister…

Finally, once each piece has been addressed, we deliver your mailing to the post office in pre-sorted bundles, for faster and safer delivery.
Premium delivery with quality control
- As a member of VN Post, Media Post only employs professional postmen, plus quality control specialists (Telesurvey - Proof Of Delivery) during delivery to insure that your mails were correctly delivered to the right person.
Reporting Services 
- Reporting analysis provides a full range of quantitative and qualitative feedback information that can help you to determine the impact of your proposed direct mail campaign.
Optional services:
Graphic conception
While a compelling offer is a must, only the right design will turns strangers into enquirers, enquirers into first-time customers, first-time customers into regular customers, and regular customers into brand addicts. Media Post can assist you to create unique and adapted designs.
High-end Printing
Your direct mail marketing documents should be produced to a high standard of excellence and feature variable personalized printing using the latest and best technology in Vietnam. 


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