Database Solutions

Including two services: Database provider & Database management

Database provider

Whether you want to develop new products or services, entering new markets or increasing your market share, choosing the right targeted group will get you new customers, increase your sales or develop new one-to-one relationship.

We understand that when you invest your valuable time and money on mailing and sales call, you will need the most cleanest and accurate list. All database provided are carefully selected and verified by our professional call center. We confidently commit that the accuracy is at least 85%.

Database management

When using a database for any business purpose, we all know the crucial necessity to have a correct and complete information to avoid undelivered mails and wasting money. In Vietnam, with the fast moving society, we know that updating a database every 6 months is necessary to keep it clean, accurate, efficient and valuable.

Database cleansing and updating are the process of detecting and correcting (or removing) wrong, inaccurate or out of date records from your database to make sure that your data is consistently clean plus properly formatted. It is entirely part of a modern marketing strategy and is the best way to get a maximum ROI after every campaign. 

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