Media Post is specialized in creating, organizing your Direct Mail campaigns and works as a professional coordinator to manage from A to Z the logistic process of addressed and unaddressed advertising mail campaigns. Depending on your needs, the services include: printing, assembling, folding, inserting, labelling, sorting, transportation, postal delivery, database processing…

We propose innovative and complete Direct Marketing solutions for a competitive price and that let your hands free to focus on your core business.

“If your job is to sell vegetables, why would you spend time and efforts doing marketing by yourself ?!”
Media Post has a team of experienced professionals that will support you to make a successful Direct Mail campaign.
Our added values:
- We have different levels of quality and prices to fit with your needs and budget, from cost-saving basic distribution of leaflets until the premium high-quality distribution including surveys, checking and strict quality control.
- Nationwide distribution capacity with the national network of Viet Nam (postmen), we are able to deliver your message in the 63 provinces of Viet Nam at the same time.

- Media Post can also deliver in all cities with our own delivery teams and logistic.

- We always provide a detailed reporting of the campaign to our clients to evaluate the efficiency of the distribution and increase your Return On Investment.

 What you need to target your mailings:

If mailing targets specific customers, every address on your mailing list should be validated to ensure maximum deliverability and reduce any waste costs: Media Mail Pro is the solution!

If mailing targets specific geographical areas, the delivery zones has to show exact figures about the total receivers you will reach as well as to where they live precisely: Media Mail Geo is the solution!

You need also strong creativity for an attractive and efficient tool to pass your message, which could be anything from a simple flyer, leaflet, a promotional/reminder letter or a big catalogue.

Your direct mail processing should include sorting to meet postal standards and avoid routing troubles.

And most of all, delivery has to be done by professionals to have the guarantee of a trustable quality control checking and valuable feedbacks reporting.

Thus, from the marketing analysis to the final results of your Direct Marketing campaign, whether your want to develop a new market or maintain your customer’s loyalty, Media Post has the right solution to adapt your specific needs in a simple and efficient way.

Please discover the details of our two flexible “turnkey” solutions, with a full range of options: MEDIAMAIL GEOMEDIAMAIL PRO 


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