MediaMail Geo

You are a retailer and you want to attract people to visit your store? You just open new shop and you want to get known by everyone in town?

Media Mail Geo is all you need to increase the traffic in your store and boost your sales!

- Media Mail Geo is unaddressed mail delivery service with door-drop distribution method: no address, no specific name of receivers.
- The distribution plan is based on a specific geographical area where we will deliver the advertising items to every households.
This advertising channel is very efficient for the retail industry, especially supermarkets willing to attract all the potential customers living nearby the store.

Our strengths:

Nationwide distribution capacity with the national network of Viet Nam Post (postmen), we are able to deliver your message in the 63 provinces of Vietnam at the same time.

Media Post can also deliver in all cities with our own delivery teams and logistic.

Different levels of quality and prices to fit with your needs and budget.


What does Media Mail Geo include? 

Delivery area Proposal & Estimation of Potential Customers

MediaMail Geo door-dropmass delivery doesn’t require any addresses! Based on your geo-logical priorities, Media Post team will propose a pre-delivery and geo-marketing analysis including the total number of potential customers (per street, per ward, per district and/or per city) that will receive your mails. 

 Premium delivery with quality control

As a member of VN Post, Media Post has at disposal the national network of postmen, and also its own teams of professional delivery men for a more flexibility, plus quality control specialists during and after distribution to make sure that your mails were correctly delivered as required.

Is it possible to join us during delivery control? Of course, feel free to ask

 Reporting Services

Reporting analysis provides a full range of quantitative and qualitative feedback information and maps that can help you to determine the impact of your proposed direct mail campaign.

 Optional services:

Direct mail processing

As a specialist on the logistic part of the campaign, Media Post can also manage the processing for high volumes of documents before the delivery: folding, assembling multi-items (ex: a flyer inside a catalogue), inserting and sealing in an envelope or a plastic blister… 
Graphic conception
While a compelling offer is a must, only the right design will turns strangers into enquirers, enquirers into first-time customers, first-time customers into regular customers, and regular customers into brand addicts. Media Post can assist you to create unique and adapted designs.
High-end Printing
Your direct mail marketing documents should be produced to a high standard of excellence and feature variable personalized printing using the latest and best technology in Vietnam.





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