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Media Post is specialized in creating, organizing your Direct Mail campaigns and works as a professional coordinator to manage from A to Z the logistic process of addressed and ... Read more...
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You are a retailer and you want to attract people to visit your store? You just open new shop and you want to get known by everyone in town? Read more...
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You want to prospect and find new customers but you have avery specific target? You want to keep your current customers running an efficient loyalty marketing plan? Read more...
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Including two services: Database provider & Database management
News & Events international postal

Direct Mail - Direct marketing by mail

Personalized customer service is an attitude of respect and a method to attract new customers, increase sales effectiveness in the current competitive trends of the business.
Direct Mail - Marketing by direct mail will bring you the most effective solution for businesses to reach target customers accurately, directly impact the final purchase decision of the customer, especially when you make promotional plan.
But how to achieve optimal effective advertising letter and bring added benefits to your business? You must have a clean list of customers, regularly check and update the information. You need to prepare the content of the letters so that the message is very creative, interesting and impressive to make a difference with competitors. Besides, you have to find the printing, choose the way of delivery with the low-cost and efficient and also customer care service after sending like? ... MediaPost will do all that for you!

With professional staff specialize in each service, distribution network across 63 provinces and cities across the country, MediaPost is a long-term partner of many businesses, domestic and foreign organizations such as Big C , Diana, UNDP, Renault. Let us consult services in line with business needs and the ability of the quality as well as cost.
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